GOOD LOOKS - My Easter Washi Party Part 1

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

washi craft party

Earlier this month, I invited all my friends over for a craft morning. We had tea, ate lots of Easter treats, shopped my friend's line of Danish Clothing for kids - and then we washi-ed! 

I did a little crash course on washi-ing (hardly anything to it really). I created a 3D pinterest washi crafts board to inspire the ladies and then everyone got busy. Here are some of the décor highlights of the party:

The real-life pinterest board was actually the back of a large picture frame. I then searched pinterest for cool washi tape craft ideas, and printed the best ones. Then I taped the photos onto the board with washi tape (of course!). It made for great decoration and inspiration in one.

One of the crafting ideas for the party was to decorate a glass vase with washi tape, and so together with supplying the vases and tape, I thought it would be a good idea to have a selection of spring flowers for the ladies to pop into their finished product. And then my sideboard ran out of space for all the supplies, and inspiration hit and I ended up putting the flower vases in the drawers!

Join us tomorrow for the food, flowers and then the crafts!


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