UP TO GOOD - 12th Day of Christmas

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

king for a day

On Sunday, we celebrated Epiphany, or Three Kings Day in our house; and not only was it the last official day of the Christmas celebrations but also an end to the holiday season as the girls started school the next day. My sister Christine is still visiting us here in Switzerland so it was great to share the "King's Cake" tradition with her. 

Here all the bakeries bake this cake, and everyone gets one part of bread to eat, and if you are lucky you will find a tiny little plastic king figurine in your slice and that means you are king for a day, and get to wear a gold crown (this year Zara was the lucky one!). 

My favourite part of this year's tradition was seeing kids both young and old, the next day wearing crowns on their heads at school - still reveling in their "glory!".


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