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Saturday, January 5, 2013

hello, my name is

Our mini back to school series starts today, and our ideas all come from my daughter's Back to School Party I helped out with when her school started last year. The party was held on a Saturday morning so that it gave a chance for all the parents and all the children and siblings to come and "meet and greet" each other. 

With any party where there are lots of "new" guests, so I always like to have name labels. I know it seems "formal" but if you do it in a fun way, it adds to the party atmosphere and it allows everyone to get to know each other quickly (there is nothing worse going forward and not remembering someone's name after attending many of the same parties!).

Here is a free printable of the classic "newbie" labels, which I printed on sticker paper, cut out and then placed at the entrance with a marker.


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