GOOD LIFE - Christmas 2011

Friday, December 21, 2012

proud as a peacock

So I have started thinking about what my actual table will look like come the 25th, but as I am still working on it, I thought for some tabletop inspiration I would show you my table from last year. Usually, I don't go for ornate and glamourous, but as I had bought some jewel coloured ornaments on sale it seemed only fitting to go for a bit of bling. Plus, it was quite fun combining the purples and emeralds with the pale pink of my new PiP Studio tableware.

Pink Fairy Lights down the centre of the table.

Wreath with feathered peacock around the silver candleholder.
Pip Studio plates mixed with Wedgewood. 

Baubles displayed in a glass vase.

Pink poinsettias combined with orchids in white hobnail glasses.


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