UP TO GOOD - Decorating Our House for Christmas

Thursday, November 29, 2012

tr la la la la la la

Have you started to deck the halls? I have done a little bit so far: I have garlands on the bannisters of our stairs and our front door has next to it a wooden tree, metal reindeer and lanterns. It HAD this wreath but it fell down. I need to rethink how I am going to get it back onto our metal door? 

p.s. can you see my new Greengate Doormat? We have these in store...

This weekend, I am getting Liam to go Christmas light hunting, as our neighbour has gone all out next door - the competition is on - ha ha! I thought I would get these reindeer lights. You can't see them very well here in the shop, so when I have them in capture on our lawn I will be sure to take a photo...

Now I am off to follow Will's example and decorate my kitchen for Christmas - I think he is onto something! Afterall, if I have to spend most of Christmas Day there, it might as well be beautiful!


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