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Friday, November 23, 2012

mario on mer mag

One of my favourite blogs that I read daily is Mer Mag, Merrilee is amazing and everyday it seems she comes up with something even more amazing. Take for example her son's as she describes "low-key" Mario Bros birthday party...

- That the big showpiece of the party was Little O himself in his homemade Mario costume and that giant polka dot "mushroom balloon". What a great way to make the birthday kid feel special!
- That the party was held in the local park, but as Merrilee says "in itself looked like the Mario game with all the jungle gym pipes".
- The party food of white coconut cake, grapes, star cookies, chocolate moustaches, soda - on all white backdrop and made pretty with red polka dot candy cups and retro striped paper straws.
- And the final touch - Mario himself as the table centre!

So tempted to throw a similar party especially as look at the cute candy we just got instore...



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