GOOD LOOKS - Breast Cancer Awareness Tea Food

Saturday, October 6, 2012


For my Breast Cancer Awareness morning Tea, the focal point was the dessert table which I will share later this week, but as the tea was held from 9am, I thought it a good idea to also serve some typical breakfast foods, here is what I put together...

- Fresh from the bakery croissants in my PiP Studio fruit bowl

- Wooden platter of cheeses, cream cheeses and cold meats - and then different jams and I love my new bunny butter dish from Woolies (proudly made in South Africa)

- Strawberries in my new PiP Studio bowl, we have these on back order for the shop.

- Crustless white bread tea sandwiches with cream cheese and herbs with smoked salmon, ham and cheese and roast beef, mustard and tomato.

Tune in tomorrow for the sweet treats...



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