GOOD LOOKS - Breast Cancer Awareness Tea Flowers

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

pink posies

For the flowers for my Breast Cancer Awareness Tea, I naturally decided to go for pink and more pink. As the tea was really only going to be for two hours or so, I wanted to be sure that the flowers would be able to be enjoyed long after the party. So opted for two pinky purple orchids (that now have pride of place in my lounge) and then I mixed two bunches of pale and dark pink roses. 

The trick is that slowly I have collected all different sizes and shapes of all-white vases, so that even the most basic supermarket cut roses look pretty. How cute are my latest additions: little teapot shaped ceramic vases?

Other little décor details: 

I filled my Crown and Crumpet Teacup with flowers, and alongside placed the safety pins for the pink ribbons.

The girls broke my piggy bank, so I borrowed their Hello Kitty one for the donations.

I stuck silver diamante letters spelling out HOPE to a fabric covered box that formed part of the dessert table.

More inspiration and ideas tomorrow...



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