BAD LOOKS - A Monter High Halloween Welcome

Thursday, October 25, 2012

dress to impress

It goes without saying that half the fun of a Halloween Party is the dressing up part. Encourage your guests to dress up, by including details on your invitation and having a best/worst/most original competition with prizes!

Also, what makes getting dressed up extra fun for a Monster High Halloween party is their website allows you to upload photos to the website and create "Student ID cards" and photo booth strips aka "Class photos". 

This will be a fun activity to do as guests arrive, as you will be able to keep them busy whilst they wait for the other guests and you will be sure to capture them in full costume. Snap a photo of each child with your phone/camera, connect to your PC and then fill out the necessary details and print out their ID cards and class photos to keep. You can even go as far as my one friend who has a small desk laminator, and laminate the actual cards and pics - a good idea for favours!

If you are not able to do this as part of the actual party, you may wish to still take a photo of each child and then you can do the updating at a later stage and email/print these out as part of your thank you cards.

Or like me, you could do this before the party, as the website also allows you to create the cards and photos using cartoon faces, that way you can send the ID card and photos as part of the invitation, or hand out as soon as the guests arrive.

The Inspiration
The Invitation 

The Welcome - Door Sign


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