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Sunday, September 9, 2012

birds, boxes and blooms

When creating our Expresso Spring Dessert Table, the key emphasis was "how to create the table in the same time it would take for velvet cupcakes to bake in the oven". Therefore, here are a few of our quick décor ideas:


Garden Table with surrounding gardens in the background

- We decided to leave out "table linen" on the table and rather let one see the ornate metal work and not to block off the surrounding gardens. Plus, we saved time in that no ironing or laundering afterwards is required.

Painted bird house (from my daughter's bedroom) and gift boxes from Mr. Price Home

- To create height on the table, we found already covered square gift boxes from Mr. Price Home and removed the lids and stacked them up at the back of the table. They are really well priced and bonus: you can use them afterwards for wrapping birthday pressies.

Vintage Glass Bottles from In Good Company
Bottle with Metal Bird Topper from Mr Price Home

- We "huntered and gathered" decor elements around our home to "fill up the table": think wooden bird houses/cages, old glass bottles and the like. If you are going to buy something for a dessert table try and find something that suits your home first and then at least you can get a lot of mileage out of the item afterwards. Also not everything has to be matchy match, and also you don't need a lot to make an impact. (we used only 1 bird house, 1 bird cage candle holder and 3 glass bottles).

Metal Bird Cage with Glass Candle Holder from Mr. Price Home

The Inspiration
The Red Velvet Cupcakes

The Backdrop 


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