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Sunday, August 26, 2012

guess how many?

Whilst not compulsory, I always like to throw in a game or two at a bridal or baby shower. It helps to set the occasion apart from just a "tea" and also allows for people to relax and there is often the case that there are lots of different friendship circles, so it breaks the ice and gets everyone involved.

In addition to the "oohing" and "aaahing" of the gifts being opened at the Animal Baby Shower, we planned two games and today I will share the one and tomorrow the other. This game is really easy to organise and suprisingly became quite competitive amoung the ladies.

Fill a glass jar or two with small sweets or cookies. Print out little circle tags/cut slips of paper and place some pens alongside. Ask the ladies to guess how many sweets/cookies are in the jar and write their name and number on a slip of paper. The closet to the actual number wins the jar!

GOOD TIP: I don't actually count EXACTLY how many are in the jar, I count a handful or so and then see the weight measurement, then weigh the jar empty, then full and do a bit of maths. No one is actually going to count them (I hope!).

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