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Thursday, July 19, 2012

art deco

As mentioned yesterday, today starts the showcasing of our recent collaboration with Wedding Inspirations Magazine for their Winter Issue 2012 (out now). The brief: create an "art deco" DIY wedding feature...

Our inspiration started off with the season and as most winter weddings happen indoors, we decided our venue would be that of a hotel. I was totally inspired by my recent stay at the Grand Daddy Hotel in Long Street, Cape Town and whilst this venue requires "no decor" we were keen to replicate their look at any hotel!

The key to creating a hotel wedding that no one will ever forget is to take the "hotel" out of the equation and think of your location as a blank canvas. As you begin to fill it in, ask yourself "How can I make it feel like us?" and  "How can I make my guests completely comfortable?" 

Join us every day as we will be sharing inspiring ideas to help you get started, and if you can't wait - get a copy of Wedding Inspirations at your local news agent or check out their website for a sneak peek.


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