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Friday, July 6, 2012

pretty easy pinwheels

It has been a week full of parties, so lots to share... first up is a little craft project that was super quick to do, and I have had to question why I have not made pinwheels before? Especially after I have obsessed about them ever since Kate Spades 2010 Spring Campaign.

Our school was saying farewell to three teachers so we had a mini party along our Birds and Blossoms theme. As it was a "short" party and flower bouquets were being made up especially for the teachers as gifts, I decided to make a few pinwheels to decorate the buffet instead of more flowers.

Here is a quick way to make them, unfortunately these ones are "fake" so no spinning here:

Patterned Paper (I printed some from our Polka Dot Party themes, but you can use just about any paper)
Skewer Sticks (Love these - so many uses! avaialable in all grocery stores - check out the aisle with the plastic sandwich bags etc.)
Sticky Tape

1. Fold and cut a square of A4 paper. Discard the offcuts.

2. Fold the square diagonally once, and then the other way too.

3. Using sharp scissors cut along the folds BUT be sure to cut only a 1cm up to the centre point.

4. Using a pin pierce one corner of each triangle, and the centre.

5. Take a pin now and thread through each corner by folding one half of each triangle to the centre.

6. Take a skewer and bend the pin around the skewer, and fasten with sticky tape.

7. Pretend to blow your pinwheel and pose for a picture!


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