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Monday, July 9, 2012

robin hood

One of my all time favourite Disney Movies is Robin Hood, I am not sure why but it is one that I remember watching over and over again when I was small. And I even enjoy watching it now with my girls (over and over again!), so much so I am seriously tempted to do a Robin Hood Party. The tale is a classic and with it a fun party tip too that I like to call “stealing from the “rich” side of the budget giving to the “poor” side of the budget”.


One of the biggest challenges when planning a party is the budget. The cost of things quickly add up and nowadays even just the basics can already eat away at most of the money. Therefore, when I draw up my party plans I always try to “steal” money from the “must haves” (food, drinks, cake) to the “nice to haves” (decorations, dress up, games, favours). This is done easiest by doubling up one or more of the categories, so for example select decorations that can also be party favours, use the food and drinks as part of the décor or have the kids do an activity that results in a take home favour.

If I were to plan a Robin Hood Party here are a few examples that I would put into place:

I would have a professional designed invite made up along the lines of the WANTED poster and then I would also print extra large ones, and have these stuck up all over the garden as décor complete with arrows holding them up on the trees.

I would sew (or rather get my Mom to sew) little felt green hats and add a orange feather to each one. I would string up a washing line at the entrance to the party and peg on the hats. Then as each child arrived they could select a hat, wear it for the party and take it home with them.

Sew little sacks of hessian, fill these up with gold chocolate coins and incorporate these as part of the centerpieces on the kids table. Each child can then take one of the little bags and any coins not already eaten, home for favours.

Buy toy dartboards (one for each child) and line these up on the grass. Let the kids enjoy shooting the target, and afterwards they get to take their board, bow and arrows home.

p.s. the above photo from our Kids Catalogue showcases the popular food flags from Paper Eskimo which are coming back in stock this week!


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