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Sunday, July 8, 2012

pied piper

The Pied Piper of Hamelin is the subject of a legend about a piper, dressed in pied (multicoloured) clothing, and is a rat-catcher hired by the town to lure rats away with his magic pipe. We thought this fairytale was the perfect way to showcase our very popular paper straws that are now available in over 20 different colours and patterns (new arrivals include ivory, powder blue, chocolate brown, lilac and lime green).

R2 each


Just about everything can be hired/borrowed, so before you go to the shops write up a “shopping list” and reconsider if it is not possible to borrow any of the items from a family member or friend, or if it is possible to hire the goods.

Check out our wide hire selection GOOD AS NEW on our website, and lots more in store. Things I often use from our shop for kids parties are our fabric runners, props for table centerpieces, lawn games, Polaroid camera and glass jars and cake stands for dessert tables.

Remember, sometimes it is not more cost efficient to hire, and it may be worthwhile to purchase the goods, especially if you like to entertain frequently. Also, assign the task to someone to ensure that all goods that are hired do not go astray and are returned promptly (take into account the contingency cost should an item be lost or broken).

Now you can take all those Rands saved and splurge on cute little party details like pretty paper straws.


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