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Monday, July 2, 2012

"oh my, what big...!"

Our Kids Party Advice column continues along with showcases photos taken by Vanessa Lewis from our Kids Catalogue. And today we are featuring, you guessed it: Little Red Riding Hood.

Serve food inspired by the book, movie or TV series. It is actually not as hard as you think, and even just naming the items in line with the tale can go along way to “theming” the menu.

For example for a Little Red Riding Hood party make up a lunch boxes at each child’s place setting by lining little baskets with red chequered napkins and fill with “Grandma’s Homemade Treats”. Or alternatively, do a buffet table and set up to look like an old fashioned market bake sale and have food labels like “Nana’s Nut Loaf”.

Other fun “Red Riding Hood” ideas include:
- Welcome guests, with a sign on the front door, stating “Beware of the Big Bad Wolf”.
- Have photo booth speech bubbles with pre printed phrases like “Oh My What Big Teeth You Have!” and “All the Better to Eat You With!” etc.
- Buy the birthday girl a hooded jacket, in red of course.


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