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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Our feature of our Kids Catalogue continues and today with the fairytale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This story is well-known and I think many a party planner and hostess has felt the dilemma like Goldilocks of trying to find something that is “just right” only for it to not "exist", be “too big” or “too small” or worse finding the perfect item only for it not to be available. Which brings us to our next Kids Party Rule Number 5.


Be flexible - it is a party and it is supposed to be fun! 

From the onset in your party planning make it easy on yourself by not getting to caught up in everything being too matchy match. Not everything has to be the same and theme branded, in fact some of the best children's designer parties I have seen are those where "children" partyware is used only sparingly.

For example, buy solid/patterned colour bowls, plates, cups and serverware. When the party is over, clean up is super quick and any leftovers can easily be reused again for family gatherings: braais, picnics and day trips.

TIP: Choose at least two colours. That way you have more flexibility when you are shopping for other party items like coloured napkins, table linens and balloons. Also, you will now have double the choice for your many different party themes and holiday celebrations to come.


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