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Saturday, June 16, 2012

tea table

The focus point of any Mad Hatters' Tea Party is always the table, and it really is a fun and fuss free scene to recreate straight from the movie. Here are a few of the idea I always like to share when someone is setting up such a tablescape.

Take the Indoors Outdoors
In the movie, the table is set right underneath a tree allowing for lots of colourful lanterns to be strung up overhead. The tables use are long rectangular ones and all in a row, with an array of mismatched chairs all in different shapes and sizes - so see if you can raid every room in your home for different options. And at the head of the table is one large armchair - possibly your living room has a wing back armchair?

click image to make bigger

More the Merrier
The table is by no means organised, so "plan" a bit of the haphazardness too: we used a white tablecloth as a base, but then opted for all sorts of bright coloured patterned Cath Kidston fabric runners. As tea will be served, this is the ideal occasion to bring out all your tea pots, cups, saucers, creamers, cake plates, stands, tiered tea trays... in this case more is more. And the more mismatched the merrier.

Dainty Details
Adding a few extra touches, will make your table bring the movie to life... place a mouse in a teapot, sit down on the table a black top hat complete with 10/6 note tucked into the side, and add a cermaic bunny or two atop some hatboxes.

Join us tomorrow for some menu ideas, and here is a list of the series so far...

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