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Monday, June 11, 2012

party props

The great thing about having an Alice in Wonderland party is that anything goes – and as the story is so rich with characters and things; finding party décor is an adventure in itself. And the part I like best is that many items can be used over and over again for parties and holiday celebrations to come, and surprisingly you may have some in your home already!

Clocks and Watches
The White Rabbit is always looking at his watch, so hunt around your house for all different sizes of wall clocks, alarm clocks and watches and use these as part of your party décor.

REUSE them for your New Years Eve party (turn them all to midnight) or host an Around the Clock baby shower.

Visit your local garden centre for possibly props, think ceramic mushrooms or plastic lawn flamingoes.

REUSE the items permanently as part of your garden décor, or bring the pink birds out for a Summer Pool Party.

Hunt for party props in the Holiday sales, like I bought my collection of white bunnies just after Easter.

REUSE for Easter next year as well as baby showers and first birthdays.

Whilst fresh flowers are my first choice, a few “fake” topiary trees, buckets and bushes will “plump” up the décor.

REUSE in your garden/patio afterwards and for any future garden or fairy themed celebrations.

Hedgehogs and Mushrooms
Visit toy or children’s stores and buy party goodies like soft toys and figurines. I even managed to locate a mushroom toadstool that really is a stool.

REUSE in your child’s bedroom or add to their toy box.

Also be sure to check out our hiring side, as we have some cool props too like giant teapots and teacups!

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