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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

mini parties

It is going to be a fun few weeks, as I try to get a bit organised before my kids go on the long (very, very long) summer break at the end of June. They are off for 7 weeks and I have no idea how I going to keep them busy and me sane. But I think I may have a solution and one that you will like too - I am toying with the idea of throwing them a themed party every week (just a little one) and then sharing all the party ideas and inspiration here on the blog. Sounds good, no?

If you follow our blog, you will see we are showcasing our Kids Catalogue and goodies over the next few weeks - and party ideas for fairytale themed occasions. And already the above mentioned "mini party" bug has caught on and I am sharing alongside some party ideas for a Princess and the Pea Party. So this will be the "mini party test run" and if works out well, then I think it may make for a good project for the holidays! Plus, it will be a good excuse to put my Mother's Day cake stands to some good use!

In other news, you will be happy to know that we have been busy photographing, counting, measuring and updating our website with ALL of our hire goods. So very soon you can see all the goodies that we have on offer online and send your orders through electronically - yeah!

Plus, we are happy that many of our "favourite, favourite" items are back in stock. Like these pretty Sambellina cups (and their whole range too!).

And we have lots and lots of new goodies on their way, and one particular little book that I just can not wait to get my hands on (or should I say paws on!). I ordered LOTS so you won't be disappointed.

Last but not least the next Occasion in our part calendar is the Queen's Jubilee! And I am a self-confessed British addict - so much so I even have a pin badge that sports the Union Jack and the phrase "I would rather be British". I kid you not! So check out our British shop and we will be sharing party ideas here on the blog too!


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