Sunday, May 6, 2012

kiddies place setting one

We love the idea of having little ones at weddings, and even more so enjoy coming up with ideas for their place settings. Therefore, we have not one but three different set ups to keep them entertained during dinner. Here is the first one...

- Instead of a place mat, opt for a simple chalkboard instead. Add a chalkboard pencil and not only will the little ones be kept busy, but the tablecloth is safe from sticky fingers.

- Finding favours for children shouldn't be hard, you will be amazed how much joy something as simple as a little tub of sweets, a cupcake lip gloss and a pinwheel will bring. And you can even match the colours of the goodies to your wedding day scheme.

- Do the parents a favour and bring in your own little cups for the little ones. The thing I fear most when I take my girls out to dinner is the spilt juice or broken glass drama that is inevitable. Here we used junior sized melamine cups from and a retro polka dot paper straw.


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