GOOD LOOKS - Jubilee Party

Sunday, May 27, 2012

extra cream

I really do love good old fashioned English baking. I never really thought about there being such a thing but now that I live in Switzerland with it' strong German and French influences in the bakeries I notice the serious "gap" on the shelves. You will be very hard pressed to find what we would call "cake". Yes, there are lots of "tortes" and "gateauxs" but a plain vanilla sponge or chocolate cake? Not likely. And don't get me started on cupcakes! It is in moments like now as I plan my Jubilee tea that I am seriously tempted to open up a true English tea room here, minus the fact that I can't bake! 

None the less, I know it will be super easy for you all in SA to pop down to Woolies to get your fix and here are a few lovelies to give them the Jubilee touch! At least I can make a mean cucumber sandwich!

R125 each

R70 each

As seen in UK Home Beautiful Magazine


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