GOOD LIFE - Talia's Wedding Day

Thursday, May 3, 2012

pretty pastels

We have really enjoyed over the past few weeks sharing YOUR celebrations on our blog - so keep the photos rolling in! And as much as I love reading magazines and books and blogs with all their beautifully styled parties, nothing gives me more pleasure seeing real parties with real people - and the icing on the cake? Some of our goodies in the pics. too!

Talia's bridesmaid (and a long time friend of mine), Cathy recently sent some photos of Talia's big day, and just looking at the photos makes you wish you were there!

- Well, everything really!
- How cute is the cake, complete with mini cake bunting? And yeah! there are our Truly Scrumptious Food flags and baking cups.
- How gorgeous is Talia - and that dress - swoon! 
- And could anything be cooler than the bridesmaids in their sunnies sipping soda with some of our straws? How fast can you say that?
- All the beautiful flowers, lots and lots of pink everywhere! And who doesn't love pinwheels...
- And naturally the best thing must be the Ice Cream Parlour - I love how she included fairy lights to show it off at night!
- I am sure it was the best day of the couple's life - but I am willing to bet every guest felt that way too! So much fun!


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