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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

little miss sunshine

Michelle sent over these sunny photos of a recent party she held at home, and they are going to brighten your day too!

The colour palette! I love how Michelle did everything in yellow and white and left it at that. A sunny "theme" that suits both adults and kids alike.
How lovely do the yellow details look against all the classic items: yellow napkins on the white tableware, yellow ribbon tied around the white napkins and the yellow retro stripe straws in the clear glassware. And Michelle cleverly used the Paper Eskimo styling tags as place cards.
The flowers are stunning running down the centre of the table - and all in different shades of yellow.
The kids table is so cute as it is set without any chairs but soft cushions. And the balloons are the ideal "centrepiece" for kiddies tables don't you think?
And last but not least, my favourite thing must be the "picnic baskets" for the kids lunch.


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