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Thursday, May 24, 2012

sleeping beauty

The next page of our new Kids Catalogue inspired by the tale of Sleeping Beauty showcases what I am sure you will agree is a must-have for any party: pennant bunting. Bunting never gets old, and there are so many options to choose from just in our store alone we have lots and lots of options. And the best thing I love about party bunting is that you can keep it up all year round in your child's bedroom!
DIY Fabric Bunting R5 per pennant (string up yourself), see our wide range of colours and patterns in store
Paper Eskimo Party Flags R100 for the kit of 50 flags (as pictured above) available in blue and pink
and naturally every one of our printable parties has pennant bunting for you to print as many sayings as you like...

Keen on the sleeping beauty theme? Here are some party ideas:

For invitations roll paper invitations into a scroll with a wooden stick on each end, use a Medieval font for the wording and tie with ribbon or stamp a wax seal.

Host the party in a hotel room, bedroom, or lounge converted to look like a bedroom, even just a simple mosquito net hanging will work wonders.

Create the wall of roses that the prince had to climb over. Hang from a curtain rail, lengths of different shades of pink ribbon, and tie satin flower rose heads every 30cm.

Buy a Princess Barbie (or possibly you will find Aurora). Bake a cake and place around her body as a dress, and ice accordingly. One could even opt to buying the miniature Disney characters that you find nowadays and popping these into cupcakes – so one for each guest.

Give satin eye masks embroidered with “Sleeping Beauty” or “Sweet Dreams” as party favours.

Let each guest make their own mini notebook by filling the pages with colour photocopies from the children’s story book, as well as matching papers, stickers, ribbon and glitter. Start off the first page with “Once Upon a Time” and the last with “Happily Ever After”.

In keeping with the Sleeping Beauty theme, our next rule centres around the guest list. If you are familiar with the tale, all things go sour at the Christening when the one fairy arrives and casts a curse over baby Rose as she was not invited. So begs the question how many kids do you invite to your child's birthday party? There is no right or wrong answer, but experience has proven that a good measure is to invite the number of guests equivalent to your child's age. That way you are more likely to have a party that is not only manageable but enjoyable. What do you think?


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