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Monday, May 21, 2012

once upon a time

We are excited to be doing a little new series here on the blog for the next two weeks or so. As you can easily guess from our website, we love kids parties! Not just any parties, but the ones we like to call "classic". So in keeping with our style and inspired by our latest Kids Catalogue, we are going to share some fairytale party themes filled with party ideas and inspiration and some tried-and-true kids party "rules".

KIDS PARTY RULE no. 1 - To Theme or Not To Theme?
In short - yes, you have to have a theme. But don't panic, a theme doesn't have to be very specific, it could be something as simple as a colour or a style or a season or a letter/number. But you have to have something to work with. Not only does it MAKE your party special and stand out but it actually makes it easier to PLAN the party.

Okay, so know you know you need a theme, but what? Here are a few questions I ask our customers when they are stuck and not sure where to start?

- What is the party? Is it a baby shower, christening or birthday? This will really help with the style of the party, in that a "formal" tea theme is better suited to say the baptism and a "casual" braai for a birthday. Also, this will ensure that you pick a theme that is gender and age appropriate. Sounds obvious, but I always try to be conscious of picking a theme that is very specific to a child's age at that point of time. There will always be the option to have a princess theme for you daughter or a superhero theme for your son - so rather go for the "cute and cuddly" themes when they are small.

- When is the party? Let the season guide you. I have made the mistake of having a Strawberry Shortcake party outside of strawberry season and a mermaid party in the "rainy" season. Similarly, take the time of day into account.

- Who is coming to the party? Examine the guest list, you might find that the bulk of your guests are adults or maybe you have an even split of girls and boys. You might for example want to reconsider the "Barney" theme for the former, and have a dual theme aka Princesses & Knights for the latter.

- Where is the party? Maybe you already know the planned venue - this can also help out with the theming, as I always like to say "Don't fight the venue". And whilst it is always possible to bring the outdoors in or vice versa, you may want to skip the dinosaurs/teddy bears picnic if you are indoors.

And my most important question - Who is the party for? The party is all about the guest of honour, so don't agonise over a theme at your desk, get up and go and look in their bedroom/their wardrobe... What colours do you see? 
Do they have a specific style?
What's on their book shelf?
What do they collect?
What are a few of their favourite things? I like to follow in the footsteps of the Style Channel's show where the host would style people's rooms by asking them to pick three of their favourite things. Why not try the same for the guest of honour and I bet you get a theme together? After all the best parties are those that are personal, so make yours about the "person".

We followed the same thought pattern when we planned our kids catalogue, and our "favourite things" - story time, crowns, rainbows and clouds - made us think of fairy tales...


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