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Saturday, April 21, 2012

101 parties

If you are new to In Good Company, you may still be familarising yourself with our website and our online shop. Most of the "areas" on our website are self explanatory but I even surprised myself the other day when a customer asked if we have any party themes and I said "we have a few" - little did I realise that now under the PARTY THEMES category we have over 25 different lines! 

- Meri Meri Ranges: Pirate, Princess, Big Rig, Cowboy, Animal Parade and lots more are all back in stock.
- The classic ever popular Charlie and Lola is now available again!
- New themes are on their way - Knights, Fairy Wishes and by far the loveliest Hello Kitty range ever (usually I sidestep "characters" but this collection is something special!).
- Many of the themes are also able to be adapted to other occasions like I have used our High Tea Party Range for a bridal shower, baby shower, fundraising tea, princess workshop and tomorrow I am using it for an Alice in Wonderland expo table.
- And if we don't have the theme you are after try using one of our printable parties (over 65 choices and counting) with our Paper Eskimo range (back in stock in under two weeks time!).

So all in all that is pretty close to 100 different options - just need to whip up a few more and then we can officially say 101. Let me get cracking!


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