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Saturday, April 28, 2012

wine tasting

For an entertaining evening with friends, invite them over for an informal wine tasting. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere by using lots of rich colours, candlelight and different textures in terms of fabrics and flowers. Match the colour palette to that of the wine itself: different shades of purple and to add a bit of variety incorporate a bit of sunny yellow or chartreuse green.

- Invitation
- Wine Bottle Numbers
- Circle Party Food Labels
- Patterned Paper for Napkin Rings, Vase Wraps or Candle Wraps
- Wine Glass Tags
- Bag Toppers
- Wine Tasting Scorecard
- Party Starter Question Game
- Coasters
- Chocolate Wrapper
- Place Cards
- Wine Bottle Tag
R50 per pdf. file

Flickering Fire
For a winter wine tasting, have the fireplace burning, if you do not have one, create the same look with a sideboard fill of pillar candles placed in jam jars. On each chair encourage guests to wrap up warmly, by having a blanket for them to wrap around their legs. Attach a tag „Snuggle while you sip“.

Textured Table
Set the table with a white tablecloth, and then for something different lay a table runner made in a textured fabric like a plaid/tartan design. Set each place setting with a linen napkin, and tie with ribbon or a paper napkin ring. Label each place setting with a place card slipped into a wine cork.

White Tablecloth R30 for hire
Table Runners R15 each for hire
White Linen Napkins R5 each for hire

At each place setting set various glasses:
- White wine glass
- Red wine glass
- Tumbler for water
In the centre have a pitcher of water and a dump bucket, as well as an ice bucket of ice for white wine. Use coasters from the printable party for the bottles of wine and/or wine glasses. For a special touch use our aluminium wine coasters. On a stem of each wine glass attach one of our wine line tags or paper ones from the Printable Party.

TOP TABLE TIP: White wine should be placed in the fridge for at least 45 minutes, red wine is served at room temperature.

Carafe Centrepieces
For a table centrepiece take empty wine bottles and push in dinner candles (burn these before the party so that you get that dripped look). Empty wine bottles can also be decorated with custom labels. Add our additional vintage glass bottles and votives with either a few bud stems of purple flowers and tealights. Or for a „flower“ and „candle“ in one place groupings of our Capiz Shell Lotus Flower Votives.

Vintage Glass Bottles In clear and purple R5 each to hire R25 to buy
Vintage Glass Votives R5 each to hire
Capiz Shell Votives Small R10 each for hire (R45 each to buy) Medium R20 each for hire (R110 each to buy) Large R30 each to hire (R175 each to buy)
Available in purple, white, brown and also chartereuse green, yellow and orange.
Battery Operated Tea Lights R65 for 6

Wine & Dine
A good idea to take the pressure off of buying all the wine is to ask guest to bring wine as well. Add one of the “Wine Notes” cards to the invitation and add details to the back. A fun way to do this is to give everyone a different region to choose from or ask your guests to bring different “varietals.” Varietals is a fancy word for each specific grape variety. Tell your guests to get something they normally wouldn’t drink. Make sure to set a price limit per bottle.

Be sure to have crackers, fresh breads and cheese to help clean the palette between wines. If you want to take it up a notch, serve light hors d’oeuvres after the wine tasting. Use the food picks from the printable party to decorate the food platters.

Atmosphere is key to a good party so make sure to set the mood so play some lounge music as background.

Wine Tasting
For an introductory tasting, compare six wines, three white and three red, each made from a different variety of grape. For the whites, try a Sauvignon Blanc, a Chardonnay, and a dry Riesling. For the reds, try a Pinot Noir, a Merlot, and a Cabernet Sauvignon. Ask the staff in a good wine shop to help you make representative choices in your price range.

Print out our tasting cards from the Printable Party and set at each place setting together with a pens/pencil for describing and recording each wine tasted.

Some people like to cover wines with a paper bag so they are not revealed, however, you could also use the Printable Party numbered wine bottle labels or a nice fabric or ribbon to cover the labels. Use colours that coincide with your theme. Collect each scorecard at the end and tally up the scores. Announce the results.

4-6 bottles of wine are average for wine tasting
1 bottle will yield about 12 glasses per bottle.
Lastly, be sure to have a list of the wines purchased and their price so your guests can have the option to purchase them in the future.

To complement our party, print out our Printable Party goodies:
Wine Bottle Labels to hide the wine’s identity.

Seating Place Cards

Coasters in three different styles one for red wine, white wine and water.
Wine Charms to decorate and identify wine glasses describing the wine like complex, immature, rich, supple, earthy, formidable, opulent, ripe, volatile, overpriced, sturdy, vintage.

Taster Cards for guests to rate the wines.
Food Picks to decorate cheese and food platters.

Table Topics
Let the conversation flow like an excellent Cabernet. At home or at the local wine bar, these thought-provoking questions are an irresistible paring with your favorite bottle of red (or white), like
  • what's the best accompaniment to a great bottle of cabernet?
  • what's your best memory of sharing a bottle with someone special?
  • what's the funniest thing that's happened after a few glasses?

Send guests home with a bottle of wine or a small box of chocolates or simply a pre-printed and cut set of wine tags in a bag with a bag topper for their next wine tasting or dinner party.
For chocolate favours, use the Printable Party custom wrappers around a standard small Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar. We love how it is worded and perfect for every girl to slip into her handbag "KEEP IN EASY REACH - IN CASE OF EMERGENCY".


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