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Thursday, January 5, 2012

hip hip hooray

How lovely is this bunting from Hip Hooray? And now available from our shop in an array of colourways. Here are the specs...

Hip Hooray EcoGarlands™ are durable and can be used indoors or outside, rain or shine. 
They are printed using environmentally friendly non-toxic inks, and hand assembled in the U.S. 
Each garland is approximately 100" (2.5m) in total length and the 11 flags are 6" (15cm)long. 
EcoGarlands™ are made from TerraSkin®, paper made from stone. 
Its production requires no water, no trees, no bleach, and 50% less energy than traditional papers. 
TerraSkin® is Cradle To Cradle® certified! EcoGarlands™ are degradable in nature at the end of their useful life when exposed over time to heat, moisture, and UV light, but we encourage you to recycle with your plastics. 
Better yet, use your Hip Hooray EcoGarlands™ many times! 

Hip Hip Hooray
R100 each


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