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Saturday, January 21, 2012

the year of the dragon

Celebrate Chinese New Year on 23rd January, Monday Night and welcome in the Year of the Dragon with family and friends.  Host a themed get-together full of Eastern promise to wave goodbye to the past year’s evil spirits and to wish each other luck, health and happiness for the new one. Such a theme is really easy and inexpensive to pull off - here are our top tips.


1.          Adorn your party room with colourful Chinese paper lanterns.

2.          The Dragon’s associated colour is traditionally gold so use gold accents on the table: candles, vases, charger plates, cutlery or napkin rings. Don’t have these? Consider getting a can of gold spray paint and make some from something old in your garage or storeroom.

3.          Give a nod to the East with your choice of party food and order from your local Chinese Take-away. place bowls of prawn or rice crackers around the room for pre dinner snacks. For dinner, serve some spicy vegetable noodles or rice in individual takeaway-style boxes, with chopsticks and have different bowls of sweet and sour pork, dumplings and g for guests to pick and choose from.

4.          Be sure to pick up up some fortune cookies to share to see what the Year of the Dragon has in store for everyone.

5.          Buy some Chinese paper fans to decorate empty spaces on your table or corners of your room, and then give these to guests as party favours afterwards.

Looking for more ideas – see our magazine article full of inspiration.
And get the free Chinese Themed printables here.


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