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Thursday, January 26, 2012

kids' heaven

Children’s Rooms by Sam Scarborough is filled with wonderful ideas for creating a personalised space in the room that sees the most of a child’s developing years – the bedroom. From wall friezes to paint colour schemes, patchwork quilts to bunk beds, this book will inspire you with ideas for babies through to pre-teens. 

SAM SCARBOROUGH has worked as an art director for a number of magazines and as a creative director in fashion and decor retail. In 2002 she started a small children’s decor company called Lazybeans and began creating specialised items to personale children’s rooms, such as beanbags, toy and storage bags to save space and a range of linen and old-fashioned quilts.

Sam believes parents are now interested in a more creative approach to parenting, and has produced two decor books, Cools Spaces for Kids (coming soon to In Good Company) and Children’s Rooms, to encourage and inspire parents to create wonderful play spaces for their children to spend many happy hours playing in.

Children's Rooms
R150 each

Also be sure to check out Sam's website here.


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