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Thursday, November 24, 2011

paper pretties

With all of our Printable Collections we create patterned paper, largely because it gives everyone the opportunity to make lots and lots of additional co-ordinating items. So, for our FREE! Danish Christmas Collection we went all out and did 6 different papers that you can use:
Red Star
Green Star
Red Plaid
Green Plaid
Blue Polka Dot

We have come up with 20 different ideas? 
Did we leave any out, can you think of more?
1 Print on A3 paper or bigger and wrap all your pressies
2 Print A4 and use as placemats
3 Cut an A4 into strips and use to make paper chains
4 Cut A4 into strips and use to make napkin rings
5 Cut A4 into strips and wrap around candles
6 Punch out lots and lots of little circles, hearts or stars to make Christmas Table Confetti
7 Punch out large hearts, stars or rectangles to make gift tags
8 Cut out triangles to make bunting
9 Using different templates cut out envelopes or use to line already made envelopes
10 Using different templates make favour boxes
11 Cut out into different shapes: stars, hearts, trees etc (use cookie cutters for guidelines) and make Christmas Tree decorations
12 Make Scandinavian paper hearts - will show you how later this week...
13 Make Danish Coronets - also a project for later this week...
14 Make a Paperklip garland
15 Make Christmas crackers
16 Make your own cupcake wrappers
17 Use like you would scrapbooking paper for your photo album backdrops
18 Make Christmas Cards
19 Make little paper sweet bags
20 Make little flags for straws or canapes


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