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Monday, November 21, 2011

four weeks of advent

In Denmark, as with many North European countries, it is traditional in each home to have a candle wreath or display for the four weeks of advent. Each of the four Sunday's preceding Christmas is an advent Sunday, and one candle will be lit the first week, two the next, three the following, and then finally all four on the last Sunday preceding Christmas Day.

The display is done in a variety of forms and the only requirement is that there are four candles. Sometimes the candles are displayed in a row, with differing heights the tallest being the first and shortest being the last (as it only has to burn for one of the four weeks). Sometimes the candles are displayed on a wreath with additional decorative items: baubles, ribbon and figurines. This craft project showcases how to make a simple display of four candles in a decorative tin.

Decorative tin (buy one of our pretty Greengate ones, or Woolies have a large range of biscuit tins ever year - bonus you are allowed to eat all the cookies now!).
Oasis - to help hold the candles up inside
Four dinner candles (colour to coordinate with the tin)
Green moss (available at most florist or gardening stores)
Pine cones (also available at gardening stores or maybe you are lucky to have a pine tree nearby)
Decorative feathered bird (available in our shop) or any other pretty tree or bauble decoration.

1. Cut and push the green oasis into the metal tin box. 
2. Push each of the 4 dinner candles into the oasis. You may wish to insert geometrically or randomly to one side.
3. Cover the oasis with moss, pine cones and other foilage of choice.
4. Place the decorative bird or bauble to one side.


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