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Thursday, November 3, 2011

lots of little baby gros

So, yesterday the teacher's at Zara's school mentioned that they were having a "little" baby sprinkle for one of the mom's at the school. Panic! Shopping for original baby gifts usually would be super easier if I was in SA as I could just raid my shop (just thinking about all the lovely little baby girl gifts in the shop right now makes me want to cry). What was I to do? And quick? 

Then a brainwave hit, I bought a dozen of baby gros in whites and pinks (so three 0 months, three 1 - 3 months, three 3 - 6 and three 6 to 12 months.) Then, H&M had these cute little iron on motifs of Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake - so I ironed these on. Not only will the mom now have a little custom vest for every month of the first year (great for monthly photos) but also it is going to make a pretty party decoration hanging up this afternoon on a clothesline.

Another great idea is to use these FREE! monthly iron on printables from Parties By Hardie.


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