GOOD ON PAPER - Beer Lables

Saturday, November 19, 2011


How About Orange always manages to find the coolest things on the internet. This time it is called the Beerlabelizer, and it does exactly that - you can create your own beer lable online in seconds and for free! 

I love it because one of the big Christmas traditions in Denmark is where all the beer breweries make their special "Julebryg" - that is Christmas Beer. And although Julebryg is a seasonal beer and is only on the market for six weeks every year, it is still Denmark’s fourth best selling beer.  Its launch, known as “J-day”, always takes place on the first Friday of every November and is an annual day of celebration across Denmark.  Brewery employees drive around the bars and cafes, handing out free beer to really get the festive season started. 

So why not have your own J-day!


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