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Friday, October 28, 2011

more good

I can't believe In Good Company is two years old this month, and a fun and exciting month it has been. I am desperately trying to find my camera cable as there is so much I want to share about what we have been up to this month, but I think I must give up the hunt and just get another one... so soon, soon I promise.

The highlight of this week was our launch of our Christmas Catalogue, so check it out here - and with Christmas just around the corner things are only going to get better! Or as we like to say "more good!" We have so many goodies arriving at the moment that I actually can't even load them onto our website fast enough - plus last night I even added another 50 gorgeous goodies that didn't even make it in time for the catalogue and have arrived even before some of those in the catalogue!

And the really really exciting part is that I had a peek at the Globus Christmas campaign (it is the Harrod's of Switzerland) and spotted very similar themes and goodies that we have in stock! So tonight for my birthday we are going to Luzern for dinner and I am going to pop into Globus and treat myself! I have to get a nutcracker - especially as this is Zara's Birthday Party theme (the perfect choice for our ballet loving girl and her joint party with her "boy" friend from school - as they share the same day a week before Christmas!). Oh happy day!


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