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Sunday, September 11, 2011

hurray for hello books

I really enjoy travelling, but in recent years having two little toddlers in tow has made it quite difficult. The flight between Zurich in JHB is around about 11 hours which is an eternity for little ones. Luckily, it is a night flight so eventually they go to sleep and they are starting to get used the idea of flying. In fact our last trip back to Switzerland was a huge success largely because in a spur of the moment I popped in my bag two of the Hello Hanna Hello Books that we have in stock. Best idea ever!

The girls loved them, Zara had the princess one and Bailey the cupcake one and I didn't hear a word from them for over an hour (and we talking world record here!). So if you are planning a trip, trust me when I say the Hello Books are priceless. 

Hello Books
Styles: Cupcake, Robot, Princess and Jungle
R70 each


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