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Friday, September 2, 2011

happy smurf day!

It is my daughter Bailey's 3rd Birthday on Sunday and so whilst we are having her real party this weekend, as is tradition we took some sweets and treats to school. All the moms bake their own cakes, so I thought I would attempt to do a homemade one as well. And then naturally, not to do anything half measure (though I probably should have) I decided to make a rainbow cake!

It turned out okay, I possibly shouldn't have made lemon loaf and just stuck with ordinary vanilla cake mix (yes! I used a shop bought mix - there was no way I was going to do everything from scratch!) but then Bailey didn't seem too mind and the share delight of her saying "Mommy made me a BIG cake" was worth all the effort! And it tasted good.

For little party favours, the kiddies got Smurfs and Smurf sweets topped with our Polka Dot Printable Party Tags Collection which is now available in a bright summery yellow - "smurfed" a bit though for the day.

Yellow Polka Dot Printable Party Collection


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