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Friday, September 23, 2011

pink unicorn party

When my daughter Zara's optician send she had to wear an eye patch every 4 out of 5 days all year, my heart sank. How were we going to do this? Fortunately, the likes of Kwazi from the Octonauts (he is a pirate cat and everyone's favourite) and the promise of a Pink Unicorn Party at the 40 patches milestone won my little girl over!

Little did I know that time would fly past so quickly and suddenly I was faced with a "PINK UNICORN" party - and no unicorns were in sight let alone pink ones! Luckily, we have a Pink Polka Dot Printable Party and a pink Lillifee unicorn soft toy managed to pull off the party theme. My favourite party décor item? It had to be the cream filled coronets that mimiced "horns" that I found at the supermarket. But I remember seeing a better idea on the internet (can't remember where though?) - use sugar ice cream cones, dipping the tops in melted chocolate and sprinkles, fill with sweets and wrap up in cellophane and tie with ribbon as party favours!


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