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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

chocolate hearts

One of the fondest and only memory I have of MP at school (did you have that "subject"? I think it was called Moral Preparedness) was the day our class got to make chocolates from chocolate moulds. The rest of the lessons for the next few years I have no idea what we did... So when I spotted these moulds in our shop I thought I would see if I could teach my kids a bit of MP! I got everything together and was all set to teach the next day, but what I didn't account for was the 10 o'clock munchies - and when there is nothing else to snack on you will be amazed at how good cooking chocolate tastes. So don't tell my kids they lost out on this life lesson - and for argument's sake let's just pretend I made these...

p.s. luckily MP was not a graded subject, as I think I would get an F. 
Which pretty much stands for "fake" in this case.

Tala Chocolate Mould


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