GOOD LIFE - A Super "Superhero" Party

Saturday, February 21, 2015


We have a super real life birthday party to share today. For Jayson's 4th Birthday, Alison planned a colourful but vintage Super Hero themed party; and sure packs a punch!

1. Guests had snack and toy goodies in Hero Packs which were hung on branches of a tree welcoming them upon arrival. 
2. There was a variety of foods related to the theme from Hero Juice, Hero Chomps, "Holy cupcakes Jayman!" and "What a Party!" cupcakes, Hero Mallows, Hero Allsorts, Hero Popcorn amongst others. 
3. Little city buildings were the name holders made out of simply painted wood. 
4. For fun, kids could colour in or paint a large cityscape set on board on the grass and there was also a hero cityscape photo booth backdrop for both the kids and adults to pose in front of - along with felt masks and comic photo props that exclaimed things like "WHAM" or "POW".


Looking for Superhero partyware - we've got you covered...


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