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Thursday, January 15, 2015

school "work"

For a few party games I made up these little worksheets.

This is actually a game I remember playing at youth group one year. Each person is given a sheet and pencil. They then have 60 seconds to walk up to a person, introduce themselves, start a conversation and see if they can fill as many of the boxes as possible with that person's name. Then the next 60 seconds will start and they must walk up to another person. After you have played a few rounds, stop the clock and the person with the most boxes filled wins. This is a great ice breaker and way for everyone to get to know each other in a room/class or group.

My sister and I had the board game with the above mentioned name, but before that all of us kids in school played a similar game just on an A4 piece of paper with hand drawn in columns and lines. I can't remember what we called it: "General Knowledge" or something like that (I'll have to ask my sister, she'll remember). But basically you each have a page with a column of different categories and then multiple columns to the right. You then pick a letter, and each person starts to quietly write down a word that fits with each category beginning with that letter. After a set time (2 minutes or so) you then stop and mark each others list - a point for each answer. Note: If somebody has the same word no one gets a point (so it sometimes pays off the write down more than one answer). Then you play another round with a different letter. You can play as many rounds as you like and at the end the person with the most points, wins.

Just like traditional school photos, have your kids sit or stand and hold up a little sign board to capture the day!

For party favours, I filled little brown lunch paper bags with sweets and stationery and sealed the packet closed with mini clothes pegs and a numbered tag.


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