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Sunday, October 12, 2014

who am I?

For our Princess Party printables, we made a set of blank labels. These are not only great for making little name tags (aka Princess Zara, Princess Bailey etc.) but also for party games. Have you ever played the game Who Am I?. Print the printable label sheet on sticker paper and cut out the labels, then on each one write a famous princess or fairytale character's name. Then without each child seeing, stick their name label onto their forehead. Now all the guests can see who everyone is except themselves. They must then go around asking questions to try and figure out who they are, whereby the other guests can only answer "Yes" or "No". 

For example: Am I a girl? (yes), Do I live in a castle? (no), Do I live in a forest? (no), Do I live in the sea? (yes). Am I Ariel? (yes).

The labels are also great for a game of Guess How Many Sweets are in the jar...


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