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Sunday, October 19, 2014

i scream soda social

A great idea for a Halloween Party is to have an "I Scream Soda Bar". Basically, it follows the same lines as an Ice Cream Social Party, only now it is Halloween themed. Today, I will be sharing the invitations, and then all this week some other cool decorations, menu and fun ideas.

candy corn invite

Candy Corn Printable
White Printer Paper
Black Pen
Wooden Cutlery/Ice Cream Stick 
Washi/Stick Tape
Edible Eyes (or plastic eyes, or just sketch them in)
1. Print out the printable cany corn template on thick white paper - I always recommend 200gsm plus - thin enough to pass through your desktop printer but thcik enough to hold firm in your hand.
2. Cut out the cany corn template, write out party details on the back. Stick on the googly eyes (or if you don't have these pen some in) and colour in a black oval for the mouth.
3. Stick the card to a piece of wioden cutlery (withthe top cut off) or a real ice cream stick.
4. You're ready to hand our your party invites!


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