GOOD LIFE - Zara's Swan Party Invitation

Thursday, August 21, 2014

seven swans a swimming

For Zara's Swan birthday and totally inspired by Vanessa's daughter's Flamingo party, I set out to make an invitation featuring the feathered friend and as Nina's invite has a Flamingo posing their leg up making a 4 - I thought it may be fun to do something similar. Amazingly, it was if the stars were aligned or something as Amanda (our incredible graphic designer) not only made a Swan incorporating a 7 but a Z too! Needless to say this is one invite that I treasure so much and have it framed in her room now!

The invitation was printed on cardboard and I popped it into one of gold and silver Meri Meri Christmas gift bags with a gold tutu that I picked up at HM on sale! As only a handful of girls were invited it made the party extra special and the excitement level at an all time pre-party. Plus, it indirectly solved my problem of not knowing what to give as party favours after the party -so they received and enjoyed them before!


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