GOOD LIFE - Zara's Swan Birthday Party

Thursday, August 7, 2014

swan party

Late last year, Zara my daugher turned 7 and with her birthday just one week before Christmas, I had been busy doing lots of other things and not really thinking "birthday party". But I realised there was no way I could not do something special - afterall "parties" is what I do all day! And I knew I would be sad come January if I didn't make a big deal about it.

I wasn't very inspired - especially as it was in the middle of the Swiss Winter and I didn't want the party to be Christmassy. At that time, I was blogging all about sunny parties in South Africa and specifically Vanessa daughter's Nina's Flamingo Pool Party. And then it hit me, I will follow Vanessa's party plan exactly - only I will replace the Flamingo with a Swan. It made everything easier in terms of what to buy and what to do - and the invitation credit all goes to V. So tune in tomorrow for the pretty awesome invite if I say so myself!


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