IN GOOD HANDS - Washi Tape Birthday Card

Friday, July 18, 2014

a cake card

It is my Mom's 65th Birthday this year, and whilst we were overseas for the actual day, the girls and I are planning her a belated birthday party. We haven't thought about all of the details just yet, but it is all going to be centered around the cake we are going to bake. And now that I found deep purple, yellowy orange and hot pink candles - I think we have a colour scheme.

Here is a little birthday card I fashioned out of Washi Tape, coloured paper and a black marker - all completely inspired by Happy Jackson. So keeping this in mind I think the style will be very "Happy Jackson" albeit I will have to rephrase that to "Happy Emily" and then as I don't really have party supplies in these colours I will have to "washi tape" my way to a co-ordinated soirée. Back with more details soon!


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