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Saturday, July 26, 2014

start your engines

An alternative to having the kids race around as cars, is to give each child a little toy car as their party favour, and then you can have a mini race around a lifted track.

Step 1: Each child is given a toy car. If there are lots of kids, you may need to number each car with a round sticker label and their own unique number.
Step 2: Using a large cardboard box, cut out a "track" that measures 30cm wide and then as long as possible. 
Step 3: From our printable party, print out the race track field (as many sheets as you need to cover the length of your piece of cardboard). Stick the pages to the cardboard in one long continuous line.

Step 4: From our printable party, print out the START and FINISH posters and stick these at either end of the cardboard.
Step 5: Using old boxes/bricks/books lift the START end of your track up so that when the toy cars are placed at the START and are pushed they will move down the track - and then watch to see which car gets to the FINISH first.

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