GOODIES - My Mothers Day Gift

Saturday, May 10, 2014

so what am I getting?

I know it is not all about the presents, but whether I insist I don't need anything or want anything, I know my family are still going to get me something! So after years of receiving things that are "okay" and "nice",  I decided to help my family along by starting a collection. That way every time there are some small celebrations (Mothers Day, low-key birthdays, anniversaries etc.) they could add to my collection. 

It has worked really well in the past: they get to decide which item to add and they know I will love it - plus we end up using the gift as part of the celebration party! So over the past ten years I have nearly finished my Wedgewood dinner service and have a sizeable collection of PiP Studio. So, yes, I am getting PiP tomorrow! YIPPEE! (I wonder what it is...)



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