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Monday, April 29, 2013

idea no. 5

I think I owe my Mom an apology. When we were younger we had a lot to say about her "kitsch" kitchen and tableware - for example her 1970's orange and green tea set. The only problem is nowadays that set would be all the rage - very Orla Kiely you know. So, I am sure if my sister and I get her these café bowls she is going to say something about a very similar set she used to have that we had her toss!

These glass bowls come in a set of 5, they are heat resistant and stack (so take up minimal space). The lids are plastic and the sizes of bowls are from largest to smallest: 18cm, 15cm, 13cm, 11cm and 9cm.

Glass Stacking Bowls Set of 5


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